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 Dave has been working away at the store in Leesburg. He called him to inform me that he somehow managed to slice one of his fingers with a box cutter and had to go the Urgent Care to get stitches. Then the dummy went back to work and tore out the stitches and had to go back to Urgent Care. They thought it was funny and this time they put it in a splint so he can't rip the stitches out again. The upside of that is they put him on light duty which means he won't wear himself out and hurt his back and so forth carting things around. Anyway apart from that things are going well over there.

I've been freezing the tomatoes. Roasting them in the oven and then right into the freezer bags . Its more like a sauce and it smells good. Looking forward to making sauces and cooking with it. 

Mashmellow was sick. She ate some bit of rubbish or something and had a case of the runs. Fortunately she always made it to the litter box or at least the 'cat' room before having an incident. She was lying around acting sick so I was considering taking her to the vet but she was soon back to her spastic bitey self. 

Jon and Kyle  discovered they could get into COSTCO with my  card so they borrowed it so they could just  look around. As is the way when anyone goes to COSTCO you don't just go and look around.  They came back with two computer desks. They are nice desks...were on sale for 50$ and the managed to get their's before they were sold out. 

Nothing much planned for next week except the usual.