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Had a nice no frills Thanksgiving with just our family. We were going to go to the community dinner but mother nature decided to grace us with a "White Thanksgiving'. We decided to stay home. Jennie and Jason came over...with Lulu. Lulu likes cats. She was happy to see them. The cats were less enthusiastic although Oscar who 'knows' Lulu refused to acknowledged she existed. The other cats just went and hid upstairs. It was also Kevin's birthday so we had ice cream and cake on top of all the normal Thanksgiving food. Kyle called and said he was sorry he couldn't make it (weather was bad) but that he was doing well. He had left his photography job several months ago but they called him begging to come back temporarily because they were being swamped over the Christmas season. He decided...sure why not? More money is a good thing.

Everyone is going to get together for our normal Christmas Eve thing but this year we are going to have a 'Thieves Christmas'. We normally draw names at Thanksgiving but since we weren't all together this year that seemed like a simple solution.

Jennie and Jason have moved their wedding date to May 1st 2016. Good. More time to find a venue, more time to save money...more time is good.

Dave has to work today on Black Friday...I'm so sorry to hear that the madness has crossed the Pond.  I did read an amusing tongue in cheek post from a Brit on facebook...

You can't ship over the nasty everyone beating each other to a pulp over a cheap toaster bit without giving us a day off and a lovely family meal the day before. Bastards.

Still haven't seen Mockingjay yet. Maybe Sunday. Dave has mentioned going to the Hobbit Marathon next month. I've never done anything like that before....don't know if I can sit still through three movies but the good thing is we  would get to see the new movie early.  Maybe.