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When Livejournal is down for maintenance its nice to have a backup.

Got up and took Dave to work and I went to church...and then went and bought our share of donations for Scouting for Food. Our Kiwanis Club is holding a Longanberry Basket Bingo tomorrow night.and we are supposed to bring a case of bottled water. Cases of bottled waters are heavy. I think I might have given myself a case of tendinitis in my left arm.

Merry and Pippin were out of food so we bought them some catfood. I took the bag to Books and so Jason could put it in his car.... and met with Kyle. He went to the doctor  and need money for the co-pay for the medicine. While there Kyle and I ordered some drinks and Jason didn't charge us. That was nice. Tomorrow is their big one day sale where you can get 40% off anything in the store. I have my eye on three books. Confederate Alamo, the latest Jan Karon Mitford series book and the latest one by Kate Morton The Distant Hours.

Dave and I went to see Unstoppable this evening. Crazy intense movie that is constant action. You can't breathe until after its over.

I'm right on schedule with my Nano novel. If I keep it up I might well finish this year.

Tomorrow we set out our food for the Scouts to pick up and then we travel to Shenandoah way down in Page County to drop off some popcorn.

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