Dec. 22nd, 2011

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Kyle got paid and asked if I would take him to the grocery store. He's vegetarian. Has been since he was seven years old. He had overtime pay and went crazy buying veggie burgers and other assorted 'veggie' goodies. While there I checked out their gluten free section and found soups.  Its been a long time since I had simple tomato soup. Why someone feels the need to add wheat to soups (apart from things like chicken noodle of course) is beyond me. I stocked up. Of course I had to get gluten free crackers too. I've got more than enough to eat.

Came home for a while and then had to take Kyle to work and then went to town. While I was out I was considering what to get Kev for Christmas. He is a person of simple tastes so a book  or a gift card from Books is fine but that's also boring. He also likes to eat out so I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought some gift cards for some of the locale restaurants. I hope he likes them.

I found some beautiful but inexpensive material for my small quilt. I have the colors coordinated the way I want and even have a template. Its a simple heart design but I'm finding I don't want to cut the cloth. How silly is that! I used to sew things all the time with no problem and the material is cheap. Its not like it ornate brocade or anything. ;)

Dave is finally getting a small reward for putting in so much overtime for the past three weeks...a three day week end! We have to do something since our anniversary week-end didn't really happen. Once again...depends on the weather.


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