Jul. 2nd, 2012

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I was just in a fender bender. I was going to Jennie's to drop her off at her temp job. I was driving down a back road I have driven down thousands of times before.  There is a T intersection at one point and I saw a white SUV drive up the stop sign. For some reason I slowed down....and she pulled out in front of me. There is this weird moment in time when you know you are going to crash and all you can do is brace yourself and hang on. I did all that- we made a big noise... We were not going fast enough for the air bags to deploy.  I somehow managed to back the car up out of the way. The other driver was a nineteen year old girl who was apologetic. I asked if she was ok and she was...physically. Emotionally she was a wreck. She had just gotten that car two weeks ago. I called 911 and Dave would not answer his phone...because he turns it off at work so I called Jennie to let her know I would not be picking her up and to call Hobby Lobby and leave a message for her dad to call me. There was no insurance info or registration in the car! The car is in his name so I blamed him.....but he called back and gave me everything I needed.  Fortunately the girl's parents lived right up the road and they were there right away for support. We did all the usual-exchanged insurance information and directed the traffic around us. The Deputy Sheriff showed up and then the State Trooper.  While there I found out the dad was the son of one of the local lawyers.

I had to sit in the Trooper's car to give info and take a statement. While there she ran all my information through the computer. It talked and told her that everything on me came back 'clear'. That's nice to know. She also had country music playing. After that back outside to wait around some more. One good thing was that while it was hot it was tolerable in the shade and there was a LOT of shade around us.

We believe what happened is the road dips a little bit, I have a low riding car and the fence on that corner of the field was not painted...it was a weathered gray and as the Mazda is gray is must have just blended in and she honestly didn't see it. I made sure to tell the Trooper that she DID stop so she would not be charged with reckless driving. She was charged with failure to yield the right  of way which is a much lesser charge. The Mazda has a bashed in headlight but its drivable. I'm thinking wherever we take it to have it fixed to tell them to just go ahead and  fix the AC as well.

While we were waiting for the tow truck I kept thinking "Please not Daryl. Not Daryl again...." The truck pulls up and of course its Daryl. "You in trouble again Sharon?"    This is the Shire. At least this time it wasn't my fault!

So I am stranded at home for a while but with the heat its not that much of a sacrifice. We had a storm roll through last night and while it was in no way as severe as the one on Friday it was twice as LOUD. Those were some noisy thunder boomers. The electricity shut off for a very short while and came right back on. So the TiVO rest which is ok but we had left the sound on and it did that silly little song and dance number it always does after it resets-the thing with the dancing TV set and that woke us up again. I think I might have gotten three hours sleep last night.

So not sure what I'm going to do....maybe write some more but my brain is a bit too fogged up for that.


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