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elfdream ([personal profile] elfdream) wrote2010-09-05 07:31 pm

ods and random ends...

Another beautiful day. Went to early church and came home and read. I'm going through the Brother Cadfeal  mysteries again. Feel ok except my one ear is stopped up again. It happens at least once a month. I don't know if its swelling or what the problem is. I just know I don't like feeling like I'm in a tunnel.

I have had scalp problems develop last winter.  Itchy scaly patches on my scalp that  would show up from time to time that I had to dose at least once every two months with a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil. I started using Garnier Fructus dandruff shampoo and bought myself a brush with copper tips that claimed to be the cure all for all scalp conditions. I use the shampoo about once every three days and brushed with the copper tipped brush for a few minutes every night and morning for two weeks and so far...its working. Don't know if its the shampoo or the brush..or both.

Kyle came over and just hung out for a while....then we went and took a walk at the park in Winchester and around the University pond.  Went to Books and saw Jennie. I asked her to recommend something for someone who had never read manga before. She thought I would like  'Fruits Basket'. I didn't get the first one  today but might later on in the month. I shouldn't say I have 'never' read it. I looked through some of the things Jennie had when she was in high school but it was rather cursory. It was along the same reason why I read the Harry Potter books...to see if what my kid was reading. I went on to read the rest of the HP books but the manga got dropped.

Saw another van in a used car lot. It is another GMC...this time its a Safari. Its smaller, cheaper and better on gas. I have never referred to a vehicle as 'cute' but this one is cute.  The only thing is I doubt the back seat can fold down into a bed like it could in the larger Van but there are ways of making that happen. I'm interested. The dealer wasn't in as it was Sunday...he 'might' be in tomorrow.

We will probably go back to Clarke County tomorrow. I think I might give the kitchen a good scrubbing but someone else is going to have to deal with the back porch and the bathroom. Dave is going to concentrate on getting the back porch emptied out so we can put most of Jon's stuff in there. There are also some more clothes of dad's that needs to be packed up to be given away. I hope we can get most of that dealt with....

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