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My new hiking shoes came!. They are tiny bit big but not enough to worry about. I'm planning on wearing wool socks with them and that should work out just fine. They don't  make me feel like I'm wearing ankle weights. Its a good thing.

Finished painting the plastered bits in the hallway yesterday. It only took about half an hour. Slowly but surely we are getting this done.

We went by the rental place this morning and picked up a car. A brand new black Mazda 6. We had planned to drop Dave's truck off at his work and then go pick up Gary and drop him off and then do some car shopping. I was at first very nervous because it was a brand new car and there were all these gadgets all over the place but after I was on the road I was ok except the thing kept making this whining noise similar to  the sound a manual transmission makes when its ready to go into the next gear. When I went a little faster the thing jumped into gear and startled me. It wasn't until after Dave got in the car that we discovered its has one of those 'faux' manual transmissions. I had put the gear down a notch too low and the thing was actually waiting for me to put it in a higher gear. Oh well...live and learn and I wasn't driving it long enough to do any damage. Doesn't matter-the rental people's insurance would pay for it if I had. ;) Its nice and cool and comfy. Too bad we only have it for a week. For some odd reason it has D.C. tags. Hmmm..

Got to Gary's. Kelsa's car broke down in their driveway. She has a beautiful 1996 red Crown Victoria we thought was in  almost perfect condition. Its her pride and joy...and for some reason the frame  broke! Good thing it happened in their driveway. While we were Gary called the towing people to come and get it (not Daryl-different county)  They had to use the old fashioned 'repo' tow to get it down the hill because there was no way they were going to get that flatbed up that hill and around the curve. After he pulled it down the hill they had a flatbed waiting and they maneuvered the car up on that. They had a bit of a mechanical ballet thing going on there. I was impressed.

We stopped by a dealership and found two cars. One is almost exactly like the car we had but a year newer and its a dark emerald green. There was an  Mazda 6 which I really liked and apparently it was still under warranty. Dave said if the warranty is any good it might be worth it to shell out the extra money and get that one. Its a lighter green. The interior looks exactly like the rental car except the rental is a tiny bit bigger. They also had another Mazda 6 but it had more miles on it and it was ugly. It was this weird orange brown yuck color. If it had been a true brown or a true bronze I might have considered it but...no.  I want the  green  Mazda 6. That has my vote  but insurance will only cover about half of it...but we can work something out.

Dropped Dave off at work and I'm in for the rest of the day. Too hot to do much else even inside. Tomorrow is supposed to be super hot and we have a guy coming to look at the roof. We 'might' go test drive those two cars....and see what happens.