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 We have tickets for The Hobbit. We're seeing it on Monday which is our anniversary. We get to go and stand in line for hours just to make sure we get good seats.  At least I have my new Kindle Fire to play with while I'm waiting. Jennie and Jason are going to go the "Grand Marathon' of all the movies.  I honestly don't think I could do that...but whatever. Looking forward to it.

We finally bought a new washing machine. It was a sudden decision which is amusing because I usually procrastinate when it comes to these 'major' purchases.  We were at Home Depot for something else entirely when we decided to take a look at their machines. They had the perfect one on sale but that day was the last day of the sale so we went ahead and bought it. It arrives next Friday. Kev and Jon are helping out with that one so it wasn't all on us. I mean...they use it too!

We bought some things for the kitchen. Got new curtains to replace the 'temporary' pizzeria  red square ones that I made. Very nice...some new cookery items, new food storage containers etc etc. 

Went to the Dentist yesterday. They are doing a special deep cleaning where they only do one half of your mouth at a time.  Had half of it done and the next time I go they will do the other half and I will have two small cavities taken care of.  I will then be up to date on this. Its nice to have good dental insurance and dentists who actually accept it. 

Dave ordered the strings and the cotton for Jennie's Hurdy Gurdy.  Looks like it will be an interesting procedure. 

I ordered two small knitting needles from Amazon. It came in a huge box full of those air packing pillows. I mean...really? They could just have easily been sent in those large shipping envelopes they use for paperback books. 

I've been running around all week...and windy. We get these cold gusts that I call ice  winds because they feel as if they could  cut right through you. Today I'm staying home...and warm.