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 We have tickets for The Hobbit. We're seeing it on Monday which is our anniversary. We get to go and stand in line for hours just to make sure we get good seats.  At least I have my new Kindle Fire to play with while I'm waiting. Jennie and Jason are going to go the "Grand Marathon' of all the movies.  I honestly don't think I could do that...but whatever. Looking forward to it.

We finally bought a new washing machine. It was a sudden decision which is amusing because I usually procrastinate when it comes to these 'major' purchases.  We were at Home Depot for something else entirely when we decided to take a look at their machines. They had the perfect one on sale but that day was the last day of the sale so we went ahead and bought it. It arrives next Friday. Kev and Jon are helping out with that one so it wasn't all on us. I mean...they use it too!

We bought some things for the kitchen. Got new curtains to replace the 'temporary' pizzeria  red square ones that I made. Very nice...some new cookery items, new food storage containers etc etc. 

Went to the Dentist yesterday. They are doing a special deep cleaning where they only do one half of your mouth at a time.  Had half of it done and the next time I go they will do the other half and I will have two small cavities taken care of.  I will then be up to date on this. Its nice to have good dental insurance and dentists who actually accept it. 

Dave ordered the strings and the cotton for Jennie's Hurdy Gurdy.  Looks like it will be an interesting procedure. 

I ordered two small knitting needles from Amazon. It came in a huge box full of those air packing pillows. I mean...really? They could just have easily been sent in those large shipping envelopes they use for paperback books. 

I've been running around all week...and windy. We get these cold gusts that I call ice  winds because they feel as if they could  cut right through you. Today I'm staying home...and warm. 
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Had a nice no frills Thanksgiving with just our family. We were going to go to the community dinner but mother nature decided to grace us with a "White Thanksgiving'. We decided to stay home. Jennie and Jason came over...with Lulu. Lulu likes cats. She was happy to see them. The cats were less enthusiastic although Oscar who 'knows' Lulu refused to acknowledged she existed. The other cats just went and hid upstairs. It was also Kevin's birthday so we had ice cream and cake on top of all the normal Thanksgiving food. Kyle called and said he was sorry he couldn't make it (weather was bad) but that he was doing well. He had left his photography job several months ago but they called him begging to come back temporarily because they were being swamped over the Christmas season. He decided...sure why not? More money is a good thing.

Everyone is going to get together for our normal Christmas Eve thing but this year we are going to have a 'Thieves Christmas'. We normally draw names at Thanksgiving but since we weren't all together this year that seemed like a simple solution.

Jennie and Jason have moved their wedding date to May 1st 2016. Good. More time to find a venue, more time to save money...more time is good.

Dave has to work today on Black Friday...I'm so sorry to hear that the madness has crossed the Pond.  I did read an amusing tongue in cheek post from a Brit on facebook...

You can't ship over the nasty everyone beating each other to a pulp over a cheap toaster bit without giving us a day off and a lovely family meal the day before. Bastards.

Still haven't seen Mockingjay yet. Maybe Sunday. Dave has mentioned going to the Hobbit Marathon next month. I've never done anything like that before....don't know if I can sit still through three movies but the good thing is we  would get to see the new movie early.  Maybe. 

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 Dave has been working away at the store in Leesburg. He called him to inform me that he somehow managed to slice one of his fingers with a box cutter and had to go the Urgent Care to get stitches. Then the dummy went back to work and tore out the stitches and had to go back to Urgent Care. They thought it was funny and this time they put it in a splint so he can't rip the stitches out again. The upside of that is they put him on light duty which means he won't wear himself out and hurt his back and so forth carting things around. Anyway apart from that things are going well over there.

I've been freezing the tomatoes. Roasting them in the oven and then right into the freezer bags . Its more like a sauce and it smells good. Looking forward to making sauces and cooking with it. 

Mashmellow was sick. She ate some bit of rubbish or something and had a case of the runs. Fortunately she always made it to the litter box or at least the 'cat' room before having an incident. She was lying around acting sick so I was considering taking her to the vet but she was soon back to her spastic bitey self. 

Jon and Kyle  discovered they could get into COSTCO with my  card so they borrowed it so they could just  look around. As is the way when anyone goes to COSTCO you don't just go and look around.  They came back with two computer desks. They are nice desks...were on sale for 50$ and the managed to get their's before they were sold out. 

Nothing much planned for next week except the usual. 

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My new hiking shoes came!. They are tiny bit big but not enough to worry about. I'm planning on wearing wool socks with them and that should work out just fine. They don't  make me feel like I'm wearing ankle weights. Its a good thing.

Finished painting the plastered bits in the hallway yesterday. It only took about half an hour. Slowly but surely we are getting this done.

We went by the rental place this morning and picked up a car. A brand new black Mazda 6. We had planned to drop Dave's truck off at his work and then go pick up Gary and drop him off and then do some car shopping. I was at first very nervous because it was a brand new car and there were all these gadgets all over the place but after I was on the road I was ok except the thing kept making this whining noise similar to  the sound a manual transmission makes when its ready to go into the next gear. When I went a little faster the thing jumped into gear and startled me. It wasn't until after Dave got in the car that we discovered its has one of those 'faux' manual transmissions. I had put the gear down a notch too low and the thing was actually waiting for me to put it in a higher gear. Oh well...live and learn and I wasn't driving it long enough to do any damage. Doesn't matter-the rental people's insurance would pay for it if I had. ;) Its nice and cool and comfy. Too bad we only have it for a week. For some odd reason it has D.C. tags. Hmmm..

Got to Gary's. Kelsa's car broke down in their driveway. She has a beautiful 1996 red Crown Victoria we thought was in  almost perfect condition. Its her pride and joy...and for some reason the frame  broke! Good thing it happened in their driveway. While we were Gary called the towing people to come and get it (not Daryl-different county)  They had to use the old fashioned 'repo' tow to get it down the hill because there was no way they were going to get that flatbed up that hill and around the curve. After he pulled it down the hill they had a flatbed waiting and they maneuvered the car up on that. They had a bit of a mechanical ballet thing going on there. I was impressed.

We stopped by a dealership and found two cars. One is almost exactly like the car we had but a year newer and its a dark emerald green. There was an  Mazda 6 which I really liked and apparently it was still under warranty. Dave said if the warranty is any good it might be worth it to shell out the extra money and get that one. Its a lighter green. The interior looks exactly like the rental car except the rental is a tiny bit bigger. They also had another Mazda 6 but it had more miles on it and it was ugly. It was this weird orange brown yuck color. If it had been a true brown or a true bronze I might have considered it but...no.  I want the  green  Mazda 6. That has my vote  but insurance will only cover about half of it...but we can work something out.

Dropped Dave off at work and I'm in for the rest of the day. Too hot to do much else even inside. Tomorrow is supposed to be super hot and we have a guy coming to look at the roof. We 'might' go test drive those two cars....and see what happens.
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I was just in a fender bender. I was going to Jennie's to drop her off at her temp job. I was driving down a back road I have driven down thousands of times before.  There is a T intersection at one point and I saw a white SUV drive up the stop sign. For some reason I slowed down....and she pulled out in front of me. There is this weird moment in time when you know you are going to crash and all you can do is brace yourself and hang on. I did all that- we made a big noise... We were not going fast enough for the air bags to deploy.  I somehow managed to back the car up out of the way. The other driver was a nineteen year old girl who was apologetic. I asked if she was ok and she was...physically. Emotionally she was a wreck. She had just gotten that car two weeks ago. I called 911 and Dave would not answer his phone...because he turns it off at work so I called Jennie to let her know I would not be picking her up and to call Hobby Lobby and leave a message for her dad to call me. There was no insurance info or registration in the car! The car is in his name so I blamed him.....but he called back and gave me everything I needed.  Fortunately the girl's parents lived right up the road and they were there right away for support. We did all the usual-exchanged insurance information and directed the traffic around us. The Deputy Sheriff showed up and then the State Trooper.  While there I found out the dad was the son of one of the local lawyers.

I had to sit in the Trooper's car to give info and take a statement. While there she ran all my information through the computer. It talked and told her that everything on me came back 'clear'. That's nice to know. She also had country music playing. After that back outside to wait around some more. One good thing was that while it was hot it was tolerable in the shade and there was a LOT of shade around us.

We believe what happened is the road dips a little bit, I have a low riding car and the fence on that corner of the field was not painted...it was a weathered gray and as the Mazda is gray is must have just blended in and she honestly didn't see it. I made sure to tell the Trooper that she DID stop so she would not be charged with reckless driving. She was charged with failure to yield the right  of way which is a much lesser charge. The Mazda has a bashed in headlight but its drivable. I'm thinking wherever we take it to have it fixed to tell them to just go ahead and  fix the AC as well.

While we were waiting for the tow truck I kept thinking "Please not Daryl. Not Daryl again...." The truck pulls up and of course its Daryl. "You in trouble again Sharon?"    This is the Shire. At least this time it wasn't my fault!

So I am stranded at home for a while but with the heat its not that much of a sacrifice. We had a storm roll through last night and while it was in no way as severe as the one on Friday it was twice as LOUD. Those were some noisy thunder boomers. The electricity shut off for a very short while and came right back on. So the TiVO rest which is ok but we had left the sound on and it did that silly little song and dance number it always does after it resets-the thing with the dancing TV set and that woke us up again. I think I might have gotten three hours sleep last night.

So not sure what I'm going to do....maybe write some more but my brain is a bit too fogged up for that.
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We have corn! And little pole beans....and little cucumbers! We just planted them last week but we have had just enough rain and sunshine for them to get going.

This is what the lot looked like before we tilled it. Our property reaches down almost to the tree line. When I was younger my dad planted the whole field. Our garden is much smaller-its just a small part in the foreground.

Dave putting down mulch which consists of grass clippings...our neighbor's houses in the background. The water hoses look like snakes.

Same thing from the other end. Nice neat mulched rows...with the water hoses in place. Train depot in the background.

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Kyle got paid and asked if I would take him to the grocery store. He's vegetarian. Has been since he was seven years old. He had overtime pay and went crazy buying veggie burgers and other assorted 'veggie' goodies. While there I checked out their gluten free section and found soups.  Its been a long time since I had simple tomato soup. Why someone feels the need to add wheat to soups (apart from things like chicken noodle of course) is beyond me. I stocked up. Of course I had to get gluten free crackers too. I've got more than enough to eat.

Came home for a while and then had to take Kyle to work and then went to town. While I was out I was considering what to get Kev for Christmas. He is a person of simple tastes so a book  or a gift card from Books is fine but that's also boring. He also likes to eat out so I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought some gift cards for some of the locale restaurants. I hope he likes them.

I found some beautiful but inexpensive material for my small quilt. I have the colors coordinated the way I want and even have a template. Its a simple heart design but I'm finding I don't want to cut the cloth. How silly is that! I used to sew things all the time with no problem and the material is cheap. Its not like it ornate brocade or anything. ;)

Dave is finally getting a small reward for putting in so much overtime for the past three weeks...a three day week end! We have to do something since our anniversary week-end didn't really happen. Once again...depends on the weather.
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When Livejournal is down for maintenance its nice to have a backup.

Got up and took Dave to work and I went to church...and then went and bought our share of donations for Scouting for Food. Our Kiwanis Club is holding a Longanberry Basket Bingo tomorrow night.and we are supposed to bring a case of bottled water. Cases of bottled waters are heavy. I think I might have given myself a case of tendinitis in my left arm.

Merry and Pippin were out of food so we bought them some catfood. I took the bag to Books and so Jason could put it in his car.... and met with Kyle. He went to the doctor  and need money for the co-pay for the medicine. While there Kyle and I ordered some drinks and Jason didn't charge us. That was nice. Tomorrow is their big one day sale where you can get 40% off anything in the store. I have my eye on three books. Confederate Alamo, the latest Jan Karon Mitford series book and the latest one by Kate Morton The Distant Hours.

Dave and I went to see Unstoppable this evening. Crazy intense movie that is constant action. You can't breathe until after its over.

I'm right on schedule with my Nano novel. If I keep it up I might well finish this year.

Tomorrow we set out our food for the Scouts to pick up and then we travel to Shenandoah way down in Page County to drop off some popcorn.

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Another beautiful day. Went to early church and came home and read. I'm going through the Brother Cadfeal  mysteries again. Feel ok except my one ear is stopped up again. It happens at least once a month. I don't know if its swelling or what the problem is. I just know I don't like feeling like I'm in a tunnel.

I have had scalp problems develop last winter.  Itchy scaly patches on my scalp that  would show up from time to time that I had to dose at least once every two months with a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil. I started using Garnier Fructus dandruff shampoo and bought myself a brush with copper tips that claimed to be the cure all for all scalp conditions. I use the shampoo about once every three days and brushed with the copper tipped brush for a few minutes every night and morning for two weeks and so far...its working. Don't know if its the shampoo or the brush..or both.

Kyle came over and just hung out for a while....then we went and took a walk at the park in Winchester and around the University pond.  Went to Books and saw Jennie. I asked her to recommend something for someone who had never read manga before. She thought I would like  'Fruits Basket'. I didn't get the first one  today but might later on in the month. I shouldn't say I have 'never' read it. I looked through some of the things Jennie had when she was in high school but it was rather cursory. It was along the same reason why I read the Harry Potter books...to see if what my kid was reading. I went on to read the rest of the HP books but the manga got dropped.

Saw another van in a used car lot. It is another GMC...this time its a Safari. Its smaller, cheaper and better on gas. I have never referred to a vehicle as 'cute' but this one is cute.  The only thing is I doubt the back seat can fold down into a bed like it could in the larger Van but there are ways of making that happen. I'm interested. The dealer wasn't in as it was Sunday...he 'might' be in tomorrow.

We will probably go back to Clarke County tomorrow. I think I might give the kitchen a good scrubbing but someone else is going to have to deal with the back porch and the bathroom. Dave is going to concentrate on getting the back porch emptied out so we can put most of Jon's stuff in there. There are also some more clothes of dad's that needs to be packed up to be given away. I hope we can get most of that dealt with....
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Sometimes life is good, so good that you run out of words to describe it and you find yourself having to run to the reference books because you must have new words because you MUST get this point across of how very good this all was.

Sometimes you are over whelmed by the little kindness of friends, of small affections and words of friendship. Sometimes you think you have reached a point of no return, from which you don't want to return. 

Sometimes you operate on a full tank of light and goodness.

Sometimes...it happens.
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I want to say right away that I have no idea who made the icon. Notice I didn't call it 'my incon'. I found it in a random bunch of 'elf' pictures. If you made it or know who made it let me know and I'll dedicate a shiny new post just to credit him or her.
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A new beginning. My friend's LiveJournal friend's list list is getting smaller and smaller as less and less people post. Some of them have become busy in their real lives and just don't have the time. Some forget to update.  Some just aren't cut out for journal writing and some have fled to Face book and other networks because 'live journal is for emo kids'.  I don't care why...I just know that they are gone and I'm not the type to be th last one who turns the lights out. I still care. I'll always care about them and they haven't done thing one to make me mad or to make me leave... but I'm going to get to the Grey Havens before the last ship sails and going in style...no looking back and crying over the past for me.

So here we are. New chapter in my life...new things to do.


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